It’s a hot summer day and your mouth is salivating for something sweet and juicy. You spot a bunch of fresh, delicious blueberries and you can’t wait to take a whole handful and indulge in the sweet nectar.

When we eat, we typically use most of our senses, we see a ripe, succulent fruit which in turn makes us want to touch and smell it and then take a bite into it. It can be said that much of what we eat would not be as appealing if it was not coloured, there is thus a logical and direct link between the colour of food and typically how it tastes.

Not only does the colour of food make it appealing but eating a variety of colourful foods with every meal, is proven to be vital for boosting maximum nutrition. In other words, the more colourful the food on your plate, the more nutrients you ingest.

One such colour that we adore is the colour blue. The beautiful blue found in blueberries, ultimately says, “I’m good for you”. This rich deep blue colour is thanks to powerful anti-oxidant flavonoids called anthocyanins, which are amazing at promoting heart and brain function (specifically memory), cellular strength, and for reducing inflammation all over the body.

Why not head on over to your nearest Checkers supermarket, and look out for the tub with the BlueBoost sticker on and indulge in the blue that’s good for you. Impress your body with not only a fruit that looks so good and tastes even better but one that packs a punch when it comes to awesome nutrients and health benefits, all thanks to little flavonoids called Anthocyanins.