Very few things in life are 100% good for you. No matter what the label says – you can’t buy health in a can. We love blueberries because they’re good for you, pure and simple. No rubbish. And we want you to have more of that in your life.
Welcome to The Good Stuff.
A blog about eating good, feeling good and adding a spoonful of awesome to your everyday life. It’s about making the most of things and doing more of the things you love. This isn’t a health blog – it’s a life blog.

Our Contributors

anett_velsberANETT VELSBERG

From her simple beginnings as an aspiring home cook to what has become an ever-growing love for food styling, exotic vegan meals and photography, Anett Velsberg is an Estonian national residing in Cape Town, who loves all things food.

With her successful Instagram page and blog, Anett shares her philosophies and approaches to healthy living through food, illustrating her ideals with beautiful images of tried-and-tested home recipes that not only excite the senses but also heal the body and mind holistically.

Although her time is very much dedicated to food-related endeavours, Anett is passionate about physical health and travelling, so in her spare time she can be found hiking mountain trails or venturing through forest paths.



Kelly is a Registered Dietician and Life Coach. She works with women in particular, using her dietetics and coaching principles. She doesn’t believe that dietetics alone can help a person reach optimum health – they need to understand themselves and what drives them to be healthy and well. Her message is that losing weight and being healthy starts with understanding yourself, your eating behavior, your emotional eating links and your relationship with food and your body.