Blueboost Checkers

A Big Day For Blueboost

We launched Blueboost and started building our 80k strong family of healthy, happy Blueberry loving fans around 3 years ago, but the Blueboost story has been a long time in the making….

Blueboost Big DayOur journey to bring you SA’s best Blueberries began over 20 years ago. This wasn’t simply an idea to bring blueberries to our country, but rather a quest to make sure that the best quality blueberries were born. Blueberries aren’t the easiest fruit to grow and seedlings had to be sourced from as far afield as North America and Australia.

Working with a team of specialist Blueberry Doctors (yes, REALLY!), Team Blueboost sourced the biggest, bluest, juiciest varieties, found the right soils across South Africa to grow them in, tested, tasted and nurtured the process over years, and finally set up a factory in Stellenbosch to bring you what is now South Africa’s best quality blueberries. We currently supply around 70% of SA’s blueberries to all your favourite retailers…

But, there’s been one thing missing…

We’ve never had the opportunity to sell our berries as BLUEBOOST BLUEBERRIES through retailers that we supply, as each has their own fruit brand. You can find our branded berries at our markets and events, but we’ve always dreamed of seeing our Blueboost tubs in stores.

Today that dream has come true!

Checkers share our love for blueberries, as well as the vision to make blueberries part of every South African’s daily life, and with them on board we can now bring you not just the BEST blueberries, but even better, at a lower price.

We’re proud to announce you can now get BLUEBOOST berries starting at just R19,99 for a 125g tub from Checkers stores, nationwide.

Our promise to you is that only THE GOOD STUFF is in those tubs. Our best, juiciest, hand-picked berries. So make sure you look out for our sticker and ASK FOR THEM BY NAME.