Umami, covered with chia seeds

5 food fads you should follow

From avocado-everything to zoodles and cauliflower rice, our Instagram feeds and our stomachs have been seeing a massive rise in healthy eating.

Now, we know trends come and go, and not all health fads can be trusted. But we’ve used our Blueboost guile (it comes from eating so many blueberries) to pinpoint the true trends you should be following… and keep on following.

Spring Onion roots

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

We’re throwing the concept of food wastage in the bin with head-to-tail, or for the veggies, stem-to-root cooking. Instead of throwing the ‘ugly’ parts of our meals into the rubbish it’s now cool to make use of every part of your food – goodbye wastefulness! From soup stocks to kitchen compost, the ways to whittle your waste are endless.

Umami, covered with chia seeds

A healthy sea green

The alluring umami flavour of seaweed has clearly become too much to resist – not to mention its high nutritional value and low calorie content. From being a nautical nibble in the form of chips to playing a more major role in pastas, soups and anything really, seaweed has entered the mainstream.

roasted vegetables

V is for vegetables

Up until recently, the meat-free food-offering was pretty dismal. But it’s become cool to be a veggie and vegetarian and vegan food is being turned into the stuff that cravings are made of. Try our Blueboost vegan burgers here to get started!

chia seeds - grains are great for you

Old is new

The rise of ancient grains like quinoa and farro was, and still is, a Blueboost fave. And, we’re only gonna keep smiling because more of these fibre-licious foods are popping up. Try teff – it’s higher in protein and fibre than most other grains and tastes super yum! Find out why adding teff to your diet is a healthy grain alternative here.

coconut sugar

Sugar is no longer a thing

Sugar is long gone as other sweet alternatives take centre stage. We’re going nuts for coconut sugar and its completely unique flavour. Be careful not to over-indulge though… it’s not THAT much healthier than cane sugar.