Feel Good

10 Ways To Feel Good About Your Life

Written by Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach living in America. View the original article here: www.selfgrowth.com

It’s time to feel good. Feeling good about your life involves just two parts. Really! One part is to learn to think about yourself in healthy ways. This is a learned skill, ladies and gentlemen, not something that a lucky few were born with.

Some of us were taught as children how to create self-esteem and self-confidence to feel good. If you weren’t, then it’s up to you to learn it as an adult. This is a skill that can be developed by anyone (yes, you too!). Need some advice to get started? Click here for 7 great tips to boost your self-confidence.

The second part of feeling good about your life involves making things happen. Seeing yourself being successful at anything builds the blocks of confidence and lowers cortisol levels. So the next time you are faced with a difficult task, you have effectively taught yourself that you can handle it.

10 Ways To Feel Good About Your Life:

1. Never stop questioning. Every time you feel frustrated with a task, ask yourself, “How is this contributing to my ultimate goal? How can I do this better, faster, easier, simpler, and with more fun?”

2. Don’t give up on life. Be interested and curious about yourself and about others. Don’t assume ‘That’s just the way it is’. Look for the choices behind your results.

3. Accept your weaknesses. Everybody has them (yes, everybody!). Instead of spending your time and energy trying to overcome them, make friends with them, and make them work for you.

4. Don’t stop learning. The brain is a muscle just like any other, and it will stagnate if you let it. Make it your rule to learn something new every day. Then USE what you learn to make your life better.

5. Expect nothing; expect the best. Paradox? No. It just means that you don’t want to miss out on what’s wonderful in your life right now, while you spend all your time peeking around the next corner.

6. Don’t lie to yourself. Telling lies to yourself is the most harmful form of disrespect. Write out ways in which you are untruthful to yourself, and how to correct it. For example, “I will no longer pretend that overspending my budget is ok”.

7. Do plant what you want to grow. Many many people are (figuratively) wondering where the roses are in their life, yet they spend all their time planting and nourishing weeds. You reap what you sow. That’s just the way it is.

8. Don’t live in the past. Let go of things that are draining you. There’s nothing there that you can change or correct – that can only be done in the present. Use Today.

9. Swim with the current. Don’t waste your time complaining about what you can’t control. Concentrate on what you CAN control, like who you hug, what you read, when you smile, how much you laugh, where you go, what you do and what you think about.

10. Stand like a Rock. You know what’s right for you, so be willing to stand for what’s right for you.


Written by Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach living in America. View the original article here: www.selfgrowth.com